Scottish Water picks up award for Kira digital workplace

The team from Scottish Water has picked up a Gold award for their intranet and digital workplace, known as ‘Scotty’.

Judges in the Step Two awards praised the transformational impact of the new intranet, saying its success had been “underpinned by great user engagement strategies”.

The awards, which are held annually, recognise excellence in intranet and digital workplace practice around the world. Scottish Water’s Scotty intranet is one of only two Gold winners to be chosen from the UK this year.

Our team worked with Scottish Water to build Scotty on Kira and Office 365. The award recognised Scotty’s extremely successful launch as the organisation’s new digital workplace.

Employees at Scottish Water are spread across the country, and are responsible for running and maintaining a network that delivers more than a billion litres of clean water every day.

The new digital workplace brought colleagues together online in ways that were previously impossible. This has led to challenges being resolved more quickly, and the discovery of better ways of working.

Colleagues who would never have known about each other are coming together to help one another out; field workers in remote parts of the country can participate more fully in the business; ideas and innovations are flourishing, and the organisation is gaining deeper insight into every aspect of their work.

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